IMG_4085 Our spring camp came to an end after a week of colorful and creative recycling activites. Every day, we opened three different activities and the children would move from one an other according to their interest, rythm, and friendships. Some project would take a few days, some were project of one day, each one teaching different technics and mixing different materials. The overall athmosphere was one of creative passion, friendship, mutual help and charing, warmth and joyfulness. A wide range of age group worked together around each table. During this camp we concentrated on recycling activities, and we are happy to share our creative activities for all you that like to create with children. At this point we will be sharing our ideas, and in a next post we will be sharing step by step tutorials of our activities. Enjoy ….

The Egg Carton Mobile IMG_4168 Like a colorful waterfall, the egg carton mobile creates a flowing movement in the room. Made out of cut out egg carton flowers, we painted with acrylic inside-out and finally decorated them with a thin paintbrush over the first coat. IMG_4089 IMG_4075 IMG_4073IMG_4078IMG_4079 This project takes time and patience !!! The end result is worth while. Take into concideration that it take a few days to do it.

Jersey Yarn Hand Bag IMG_4148 This is an easy and fun project to do. Children are quite independant in their work. And they love to work with jersey yarn ! As a base you cut out a hand bag shape out of plastic gardening white grid. The kids cut out strings of equal length from the jersy yarn. They then knot them on the plastic grid and the bag gets filled in quite easily.The end result is this great funkybag. IMG_4101 IMG_4103 IMG_4105

Recycling a tuna can into a Cupcake pin cushion  

tuna can pin cushion

For a while I saved tuna cans for a creative project, it was so inviting … The tuna can transformed into a colorful cupcke pin cushion. This project calls for hand sewing skill (preparing the cushion) and washi tape fun decorating the tuna can.

cupcake tuna can pincushion IMG_4097

The house box made out of a milk carboard bottle

the milk house box

This project demanded quite a lot of technical prepararion as the whole milk carton is covered with bristol paper to avoid transparency when gluing the fabric. It took me about a day to prepare the patterns and develop the technic. I will most gladly soon share the patterns with the help fo my architect daughter ! I tought this project might be complicated for kids, but it turned out to be quite simple once all the patterns and step are well into place. I very much enjoyed making this activity with the children and they did too …




The last project we made during this creative recycling week is the Decopatch Plastic Bottle. 

Easy and fun project. Kids decorate their everyday plastic bottle with Decopatch papers and a coat of Decopatch Varnish, working with the papers as a collage. The end result is so joyfull and I last for  great while ….


חצרות היוצרים 18

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